Saturday, November 6, 2010

What kind of superhero would you be?

  What kind of superhero would you be? What would YOUR superpowers be? That's what April from asked in her article. She said "The thing that makes me unique and if magnified by 50, would become my super power."
So how would you answer that

I said my "craziness" and my sister said my excitement...
When I find something new I get so excited. I love to have show and tell. I can't wait to share what I have found, what my next dream is , the project....

Can't you hear me?

  •  "Its's easy. 
  • And we could do this or maybe that.....
  • what if it was made of this color? 
  • Let's modify it....before we even begin. 
  • It'll be fun. 
  • I can just "see" it...Can't you?"

It's like the Christmas aprons I made a couple of years ago, because I wanted a new fun apron to make all those cookies we bake for the church Cookie Walk. So I was making myself an apron but this is what happened.


  If you want to make some Christmas cookies

  then you’ll want to make an apron.
 And if you make yourself an apron,
 then you’ll want to make one for your sister.
 And if you make one for one sister
 then you’ll want to make one for your other sister.
 And if you make aprons for your sisters
then of course you’ll need to make one for your Mother.
And if you make aprons for yourself, your sisters and your Mother
then your daughter will want one too…
it’s a good thing there’s only one daughter or
you might not get time to wear the apron you made to make the cookies…
Don’t forget to wear the aprons and to make the cookies!!!

So not only did One apron become Five, but it also had to include a little poem for the pockets.....a story, some giggle and lots of love.

Make Stuff!! Spread the light within....oh, and can you come help make the cookies this year? Because I'm not feeling the excitement for that 120 dozen + (yes DOZENs) sugar cookies. I want to knit baby socks and little hats with sprouts!

How's that for a SuperPower?!! What's yours?

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