Saturday, November 13, 2010

And so it begins....the Cookies

I have successfully avoided all talk of "the cookies" all year, but now it is here. The baking begins today. My sister Marie and I will bake at least 50 dozen cookies this am and by the afternoon, hopefully there will be some little elves helping to get them glazed so they can be decorated.

In the next several weeks we will make and decorate over 226 dozen sugar cookies and we won't even talk about the other cookies that we will bake. There are approximately 600 dz cookies at the sale and it sells out barely over an hour.

Taste and beauty. That's what we aim for.

I always tell my sister Marie that she is the "church mother". She has been at the First Baptist Church of Medfield for at least 45 years. It's like her second home. She just doesn't have a bed there, but she may as well have.... She spends a lot of time there. She is devoted. She cooks for the church, she cleans up after it, she clucks when things are not put away as they should  be and she takes all the calls, she is the one people look to for the answers--just like a mother. She mothers the church. She is stable and reliable and always there, always has a hand in it.

She comes to me and helps whenever she can, she washes load after load of laundry to help me catch up, she  helps me brain-storm and man the fort when my tribe overwhelms me. She gives.... so who am I to complain about the baking of the cookies. We have fun together. We work well. It is a joy to use my talents to help my sister support her church, that has supported her through so many milestones of her life. Besides, if the "mother" needs help, you help, right?

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