Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Fascination: My True Direction
I can't seem to get enough of Jen Lemen....I think she knows my heart. Her art inspires me to "believe", to not shake off the crumbs of my dreams, that they are not so outlandish.

"There is an unseen Life that dreams us.."oh, yes, I hope so. I feel as though I am standing at the edge, just out of the dark and into the shadows. I am waiting there looking in fascination at all the ideas that at are bubbling over, hatching and dragging their friends along. I am waiting there, wondering if I really have enough, wondering which path to take first, knowing now that you never could see the paths and I will go alone.

I am thankful that for many reflections the universe keeps offering, that remind me to trust, trust that it will be okay. I will be okay.

Thank you Jen for the gentle nudges and strength you have shared.

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