Wednesday, November 10, 2010

On Most Days...

  • I need to "mother" someone.
  • I want to "make" something.
  • I can't get enough quiet time to think ALL my thoughts.
  • I do not want to do the laundry.
  • I am delighted by some odd random thing.
  • I have a hard time getting away from the computer.
  • I wish I was much smaller.
  • I feel behind, overwhelmed, scattered...
  • I hope that there will be letters in my mailbox.
  • I wonder "why".
  • I think I don't understand people.
  • I expect people to do the right thing and am surprised if they don't.
  • I don't feel bad for not keeping up with the Jones.
  • I am happy to be slightly eccentric.
  • I dread the ring of the phone.
  • I miss my mother.
  • My mind is full of a train of ideas.
  • I laugh because I have all the marbles.
  • I am awake too early.
  • I talk to my sister, who has to be my frontal organizer.
  • I am seeking something new.
  • I am working on finding myself again.
  • I think about where everyone else hides their clutter.
  • I wonder what people do, who don't "make stuff".
  • I want to READ.
  • I worry.
  • I wonder...what am I going to do?

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