Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Support someone's dream

The "roots of She"  is coming. A new blog that "tells the story of the female experience, in all of its shapes, sizes and forms. This is a safe space to talk about the wide range of experiences that women have, this is a space that will let other women know that they aren't alone, that no matter what, there is someone out there that knows what she is going through".-Kind Over Matter

One of their tribe is Darrah Parker, and she said this on her blog, a sentiment I agree with:

"If you don't purchase anything from me for whatever reason, that's totally cool! But I hope you will consider supporting other artists this season. This blog post is bigger than me. It's about standing up as artists and solopreneurs and not being afraid or ashamed to ask for what we need. I know I am not the only one out there trying to live their dreams and pay the bills, so do your small part and buy a CD, shop on Etsy, shop local, support someone's dream, or purchase something handmade this holiday season. You'll feel good about knowing where your money is going and the artist will be forever grateful."

We all need a little help, a little hand at our back, gently nudging us forward, toward our dreams. I know for me. I am looking for some little sign that I am on the right path....that pursuing my role as an artisan is not a far fetched dream, little more than a hobby, but maybe just maybe I am on the thresh-hold of of my new life. It is hard to "believe" some days, that something bigger is coming. I can only hope that these are my "signs"--finding others on the same path, other women who whose message to me is that "I am enough", to have hope, to "believe"...they know it is a scary path and yet they say go anyway. So I hope that is a sign. 

I need to find my way to the path, and if I am not on it, please point me in the right direction. Advise, guide, share your wisdom, critique, herd me to where I need to go....  

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