Goodwill $9.99 

Awesome Paris print fabric---and my daughter is a fan. The dress is very large. So I got a Jeans skirt for $1.25 to recreate this into a summer dress for her.

Thrift store dress $1.25

You should have seen her face when I brought it home and said I am going to remake this into a dress for you and you are going to wear it : )   Especially when she saw the huge shoulder pads...
See those shoulder pads 

Hot Topic Coraline t-shirt & Forever 21 Jeans skirt

The skirt had a floral chiffon tiered flounce/ruffle attached to the jeans part --maybe it was 6" long...can you say "inappropriate".

Sweater Quilts 




A Cumby's Cup A Cumby's Cup= a Book, because it could be done...