Sunday, April 15, 2012

How Do You Spell Love?

How Do You Spell Love?

I love "letters". 
  • Hand-written heart-felt notes sent in the mail with the stamps upside down, sealed with a kiss.
  •  Calligraphy (from Greek 'kallos' meaning "beauty" + 'graphẽ' meaning "writing") the actual art of creating beautiful letters.
  • Initials have always been a fascination of mine. Growing up my initials were Y.A.H. for Yo-Jean Amy Huff. Yes, I do have a middle name and it is not Jean. The hyphen in my name makes it one word. I always signed my artwork YAH until I was married. After that my initials became Y.A.B. which didn't hold the same fun as YAH so I began twining the YB. I like the duality of the sound YB or (why be ___).
  • Letters are the core of every book, every story, every love letter--a tangible way to hold what you feel, to share your love. As most of you know I have a passion for books, for reading, for writing...
I love Jane's "letters"...her initial pendants. They have personality, they are timeless and best of all, for those of us with less common names, no letters have to be excluded.

Over the past year Jane's initials and I have bonded. They speak to me. They excite me. I have excavated them from beneath the rice while visiting at the store and photographed them in a variety of ways. I watched as people choose their letters. 

For some a single initial, or first and last initial, some with secret meanings, their children's initials or  grandchildren's. Round, square,and rectangle. Linked together or in multiples on the same chain. On leather cords, silver chains and chokers, some long, some short. For children and great-grandmothers, for new moms, for mothers and daughter, sisters, dear friends and teachers.  

It is always personal. A gift of love. 

I love Jane's Letters. 
Then again, as Jane reminds me when I prattle on 'you love a lot of things'. So true.  

You can now find Jane's initials at With Heart & Hand
       258 Dedham Street Norfolk, MA 02056  (next to Eagle Brook)     
       Tue - Sat:11:00 am-5:00 pm   
       Sun:12:00 pm-5:00 pm
       Phone 1 508.384.6568

Or find Jane on Etsy and on Facebook 
(please forgive her sad web presence, I'll be helping with that between batches of cookies)