Monday, September 17, 2012

Workmanship.... Quality in the Details

Workmanship refers to the quality of the work of an artisan or craftsman. Quality is always about the details. It is far more than adhering to a pattern or design. What sets an artisan apart from novice are the details.  

In cookies like these, it's the eyes that make them fun. A tiny detail that changes an ordinary star into a unique little starfish. A great recipe, practice and great tools enable me to craft cookies that people delight in.

In sewing, even stitches, clipped curves, trimmed threads, matched seams and smooth hems are the defining details of a seamstress versus someone who can operate a sewing machine.

Do you dot your "i"s and cross your "t"s? Do you measure twice and cut once? Do you clean as you go or leave a trail? 

What do you see in a vintage mitten that has lost it's mate? 

Do you see the beauty, the love in the mending...
Did you see a pincushion waiting to be?

It's in the details....when a sweater is no longer a sweater but instead evolves into art..into fashion...into style and function.

Are you an artisan of your craft?