Sunday, April 24, 2011

What is on your Windowsill?

What is on your kitchen windowsill? Is that an odd question?

As a mother and as a woman, I have spent many hours standing at my sink or in my kitchen. My kitchen is the space where much happens. It is the space where the ideas hatch and where they come to life, where my family gathers, where I chat with friends, where papers are written, where quilts are sewn, research is done, cards are made, celebrations happen, homework is done, besides the usual cooking and is my office and my studio. So it is also a place where many of the things I love collect....especially my windowsill, since I have a passion for little things. So here is what is on mine....

This little Asian doll that I rescued at from my mother's---the wood is split so she is held together  with a little bread tie. I think she started life as a top to an extra large souvenir pencil.

A jar of sea glass from one on my many trips to the beach...meditation in a jar.

A vintage Matt Dillon U.S. Marshal's badge, a model of the Marshall Point Lighthouse in Maine,and a rooster from Red Rose Tea (you can't imagine how many boxes of tea my mother drank and how many figures we've had)
Grumble buddy given to by my brother-in-law from one of his  Chemo treatments, yellow shells in a milk glass Cold Cream jar, and a charm to remind me to "Simplify"---and probably the only grass we'll have at my house this year. 

A duck from Red Rose Tea, my Momiji doll-she has a secret message , a cat from a bubblegum machine, and a toy pig reminding me of my mother's collection. 

The tiniest sand dollars and clam shells that I collected as a child...

I always hope to find some money----one day I found money at the beach--giggle.

More tiny bits of sea glass, marbles and a stone heart from my sister, a tiny piece of driftwood that was a primitive heart---now it is heart-broken like me... 

A jar of sand dollars and an odd collection of fortunes, and toy Buddha and Zenmaster  

Words of  Wisdom...

One of the tiny robots that the kids had years ago...and of course when I took this picture I thought, I should Picnik this. 

So that photo became a quick e-mail card to my Sister, to make her smile as we try to settle our mother's property.

So all that, from a thought while I made coffee yesterday morning.....what is on your windowsill? 
What inspires you?

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