Thursday, April 28, 2011

Bambi's has Soul....Handmade Soul

An open letter to Bambi's...vive le chic, who so generously encourages and supports my soul....

I read this article the other morning on Etsy, which although it is written with an on-line shop angle, it is so in tune with what you, Bambi,  are offering in a tangible spot.

"soul is evident in handmade items. As makers, we all know that something that is hand crafted is made with care and attention, by a real person who is attentive to the process and whose creative energy has brought something new and beautiful into the world."

Putting Soul in your Handmade Shop

That's what you are cultivating. I have always felt when you make things, there is all that energy and karma being immersed into your kraft. Love behind the stitches, happiness strung together in your choice of colors and style, intentions breathing life into each new creation. I find myself thinking of the ideas and creations that I have, as my babies---they are born--they hatch out...        

"Handmade has soul" and it is evident in the art. It talks to me when I am there, especially your jewelry Jane, and the happy face glass pieces, in Violet's Recyclable to Fashionableand the line of photo cards on the desk by Ellen J. Keiter, the Birch birdhouses and the Teacup feeders....  

I know the "soul" is there---it's bursting at the seems. Thanks for letting me be part of it.

Yours, Yo-Jean

Katy Delforno gave us something solid words to hang on to...

No other path.
No other way.
No day but today.

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