Tuesday, October 26, 2010

What's on my needles and in my mind?

 I loved making the little blue snowflake baby socks that I posted on Etsy last week. They were a new adventure for me. I've been thinking of making some red and white ones and last night I began.

What do you think? They are wool, so hopefully they won't make their way into the drier. If they do then the toddler socks will be newborn size....
Hmmmm.....might have to try that and see how they come out.

Too many ideas.

I'm making Blue and white winter themed books for Bambi's for the upcoming holidays. How pretty are these little bells and snowflakes. They are quite tiny, so I zoomed in. I LOVE close-ups when I'm behind the camera.

I've also listed two of my photography books Messages of Love and YB Crazy Cookies. And no kids, I'm not ready to make cookies just yet...

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