Saturday, October 16, 2010

"Do What You Love" Seems Like the Best Advice

What better advice is there?

I found this little charm on the clearance rack at Michael's and knew that I needed it. 
Using some repurposed beads and some new beads I made this necklace...I wear it as a reminder. A reminder that this is my passion....this is what excites me.

I began reading this book Making Money From Home by Donna Partow. There is a chapter What Home-based Business Is Right For You? and the answer to that question is in what you love to do, what excites you, what you have great knowledge about.

Hmmmm.....guess what my answer was?  I love books and I like to write and dabble in art and Make Stuff.

Little books like this make me's happiness you can hold. It's a gift of love. It's art. It's a card. It's a way to say "you're special". This one is for Ashley W.

There was a girl who came by my table at Wrentham Day, who asked about two of my books. Sadly I was not quick thinking enough to say that she was my 100th customer or something so that I could make my book affordable to her....I wished all day after that I had given her the book or a least sold it for a "deal", because on that day, it should have been hers. I saw the light in her. 

Sharing is very important....
share your talents, your skills, your passion. 
Do what you love.

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Anonymous said...

Yo-Jean, you are so incredibly talented. I just love looking at your creations <3