Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Karma of Little Books

The Karma of Little Books...

Last week I was discussing my cookie baking with Jim, owner of Tootsie's IceCream and I left my little YBCrazy Cookies* book with him. *A little book of photos I took of the cookies I had made along with some favorite quotes. He returned it to me at Bambi's where I had just been introduced to Amy Citerall artist/owner of Harvest Moo Studios. We were discussing my unusual name and that my middle name is Amy.  Even more ironic was Amy's reply, "really, I'm Amy Jean"....funny how things like this happen.

Along came my little book of cookies and my passion for what a great way those books are to showcase your art, your photography, your inspirations.......Amy was excited.

This week Amy came in to Bambi's while I was there and with her she brought her very own book, containing all her beautiful, fun, whimsical animals. So much fun!!

I just love little books and Amy's work. I think we are kindred spirits...Yo, Amy Jean---what do you think?

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