Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Baby Quilts, Bait Bags and Bits of Thread

Little baby Brooks will be snuggly in his quilt.....although sewing has been a distant thought, I managed to craft  this bright and fun little quilt last week. Andrea, really wanted a quilt by Yo, so much more than a store bought set. This one should carry the new one from day one until at least he is in double digits.

After that I moved on to my latest idea hatching....Mrs. Huff's Bait Bags....for Collecting Treasures. Story written, tag crafted and bag crocheted. Here's a peak at the sample.

And then...
today the idea hatched to package up some of the yards of vintage silky thread/crochet cotton for sale on my Etsy account. There is so much I can never use it all on my books. I think these are rather cute. Made from a stamp in my collection and wound with 4 generous yards of this gray-green luster. 

This is what has been hatching over here at YB Crazy.....

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