Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A Passion for Books....

Books are a passion of mine. When I was a tiny baby my brother put a Whitman's Tiny Tales book in my crib with me and thus began my love affair with books. I have a little collection of them, most of them given to me when I was about two years old. When I was six and I learned to read....it was a glorious time. How excited I was that I could read !

Over the years I have written stories and poems, crafted mini scrapbooks in tiny pre-made 3" spiral books, sewn together pages and bound my own books over the years......the books keep coming.

A couple of months ago I felt a book coming.....it was hatching, forming, waiting to be born. It was then that I stumbled across a tutorial on making a meandering book from one sheet of 12 x 12 paper. Fascinating!

My mother, my beautiful sweet mother passed away in October after slipping away a little more each day throughout the summer. Settling her estate has been a trial and although it is close, it is still not complete. It has been an especially hard year, as you may imagine. Depression gripped me and I wished only to lay on the sofa or get in the car and drive away....it was then that I found these little books.

The pleasure in their craft soothed my soul. Here was something I could do. Something beautiful. The little beach book was born...I filled it with quotes about the beach, a place that soothes me.

And every day now I want to make books....adorn them with jewels and bits of crocheting....love them into being. It heals me.

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